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Great podcast! Wouldn’t mind paying for a better app...

Hi! I love AoC! The concept, the execution, the value and the people! It has helped me immensely in my journey of self development and it is still a universe of resources and knowledge I persist on absorbing every day! 😎👍🏼 I wouldn’t mind, however, paying for a better app. We all know apple’s podcast app is not groundbreaking. But is does a pretty good job these days. What I loved about the AoC app was not only being able to have all content and extra resources in one place, but also to save and develop a library I could access anytime I needed to refresh or expand on a particular topic. The current app is good, but could stand an up game. Don’t get me wrong, I love that we even have a free version! But some of the episodes on the Toolbox and Feed are currently showing up twice or repeated right next to each other. It is a bit frustrating to see a glitch like this in such a cool product. If you weren’t aware of the problem, hope this helps! Thanks!

Absolutely the best

Thank you Jordan. I'm a New listener and amazed at the wealth of information on some of your topics. I'm telling all my friends daily !

The best podcast and a great app

I love these guys. Their advice is amazing. They're like the big brothers I never had (although they're younger than me). This app is pretty great too. So much easier to navigate than Apple Podcasts app.

Take action!

The crew at the Art of Charm provide useful information on specific topics with actionable advice; all in a fun and relatable format. Love it!

Best of the best podcast for years

AoC is one of the greatest podcasts out there. I've listed to Jordan at AoC + guests for years now, still can't get enough. Their topics are applicable to living, making through life. AoC provides a solid unbiased look at many life situations then explain it in a manner for you/me/us to understand the topics on another level sometimes. Often AoC also gives practical advice that is easy to apply in your life. I started with AoC when I needed some guidance in my life that was hard, they taught me how to handle a lot of situations when I needed help understanding myself, now I do. I completely turned around my life 360 degrees and they are still telling me how to deal with tons of situations on life, especially now in career related topics. Thanks for everything keep it up!


It doesn’t matter if you’re a “beginner adult” trying to come out of your shell or if you’re an actual adult trying to level up, everyone needs what these guys offer. It’s Adulting 101 to Adulting 460.


The material offered in these podcasts has really helped me enrich my social and work relationships. Great work guys! Tom M

Great and insightful

Great listen with great insight and guests, Jordan has called me out on a lot of my crap! I'm hooked!

This is a great app all around!

The Art of Charm is a great group of people that are interested in helping you learn how to do so many great things. I have been listening for over a year now and the podcasts have given me an understanding of social skills that I use regularly and so much more! I highly recommend listening to this podcast no matter who you are. 👍👍

Later stuff is much better

I've been listening to their most recent content and it's great- a little overwhelming since they have an episode every day but very good content. They always talk about the art of charm toolbox so I went back and checked it out. It's very heavily geared to the single, hetero male. As a female in a relationship I found it difficult to listen to. Even the "moving to a new city" episode was so geared towards that demographic that I had to shut it off. I can respect that AoC was built by catering to a very specific audience. Unless you're a single, hetero male stick to the later stuff and you'll get a lot of benefit. If you are a single, hetero male then there is even more here for you!

I was not aware that I lack awareness

My favorite phrase is: "you don't know what you don't know" So how can you find out that your life has flaws unless some one else shows it to you. Toolbox tab alone is worth every second of your time.

Die hard AOC fan!

Is it possible for me to leave a more stellar view than they've already gotten? Probably not cause they have 5 stars for a reason guys. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Jordan and his team. Doesn't matter who are are there's something you can take away from this podcast. If your like me there's a A LOT you can take away! These are my go to guys! Thanx so much AOC! -your biggest fan ❤️

I love this smart podcast

This is an outstanding podcast and all of the information is helpful and applicable! I don't think there's one episode that I haven't gotten something useful from. I am a female and I am a caseworker to males who are in substance abuse treatment, and I wish I could bring my iPhone to group and have them listen to this podcast. It would be invaluable to their growth and lives. I do pass on a lot of the information I receive from this podcast to them but i wish I could teach a group with this info! Keep up the great work. Absolutely awesome!

Awesome App

I love this app. I found these guys via Tony Robbins podcast. I am working through there life challenges at the moment. I am going to use this app to transform my life from financial and emotional struggle to freedom Over my fears.

The Preeminent Podcast

This is 'the' podcast that transcends all others! Jordan Harbinger is a lawyer by education, but don't hold that against him. He is truly a "world-renowned social dynamics expert". When I first heard the words, "social dynamics" it didn't resonate with me clearly. When I initially heard the title, Art of Charm, I thought to myself, "who would listen to something about being 'charming'?" - because of course, I honestly thought I already had that mastered - right? Not at all! After listening to one episode, I was unabashedly hooked. If you have one ounce of curiosity about how you just may better yourself, give AoC a listen. JH and his team consistently assemble the most amazing guests who are at the top of the world in their chosen professions, whatever they are. JH has a likable way of getting them to open up and dismantle the blueprints to their own successes. If you don't consistently pick up new knowledge, while being glued to the show, then you already know everything and won't get anything from AoC. You owe this one to yourself!


It is a great App with amazing recommendations and advices that will make you better in whatever you need.


I just recently found this podcast and have binge listening during my 12 hour shifts at work. I've begun improving my life and relationships using the massive amount of information I have learned just listening! Keep up the great work guys!


Very insightful and interesting

Love it

Insightful. Thought provoking. Great podcast for the thinking man/woman.

LOVE a.o.c., don't like the app

I'm a die-hard A.O.C. fan, and decided to download the app to more easily access the "best of" and "toolbox" podcasts. I like how the app is divided up and designed into separate menus, like "feed", "toolbox" and "charm!" BUT, I hate the podcast player! The pause, fast forward, rewind, etc buttons are very small and hard to click. The audio player is very buggy and freezes up a lot. In addition, it has a lot of trouble integrating with the iPhone's built in audio controls. For example, when you've got the aoc podcast playing in the background and "swipe up" to reveal the audio controls screen. So yeah in summary, love aoc but please improve the podcast audio functionality of this app!!!

Very Eye Opening

Heard Jordan on the Art of Manliness podcast and checked out AoC as a result of that interview. I enjoy their insights and appreciate how well they make people aware of other resources out there.


Always amazing guests and something to learn. My new go to podcast while on the road.

Fabulous guests!

This podcast isn't what I expected. Art of Charm?! Geared for men?! Why would I care? And yet, it turns out to be my #1 favorite podcast. It's practical psychology, career advice, and inspiration all rolled into one. The guests are fascinating and inspiring. The take-aways are useful for not only "advancing" in your career, if that's your thing, but helping you create better relationships with ANYONE. I thoroughly enjoy this podcast and anxiously await every one. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Great Content

AoC offers practical advice to a community of lifelong learners keep up the great work, guys!

Great content for people trying to improve themselves.

Great podcast for those of us who are trying to be better people.

These guys...

ARE AWESOME! I love these guys and their episodes. They teach me a lot of new concepts and techniques that I love to apply to in my life. Keep up the great work guys!!

Exec Med Rep

Simply the best.

Perfectly done.

Looking for insight, knowledge, or simply to be uplifted. You've found it!

Love AOC

The art of charm is the best, and I love that Jordan and his team compiled the resources into an app. Way to go!


Great way to access all the exceptional content provided by AoC.

Joy & Growth

This is the only podcast I consistently absorb. Jordan weaves practical advice, tips, and host advice forums on a weekly basis. I found that this podcast is saving my life and uncovering me to be a better man. I highly recommend.

Advice that could make the world a better place!

If everyone listened to this podcast, the world would be a better place! Lessons on how to be a better person.

I fully enjoy growing as a person

I totally enjoy growing as a person and this app allows me to do that in every aspect of my life. The wing man generator is indispensable. (3/3/17) I do not know what version update caused it but this app is not responsive at all on my older iPhone 6. I have plenty of space. Hope you guys get this ironed out I really miss this app.

Love it! Amazing and helpful

Grade A stuff

I couldn't be more satisfied!


I listen to their podcast online and couldn't get enough of it so I downloaded on my phone. So much beneficial information regarding mentality, personality, habits, confidence, body language, etc. A must have for any male to become a men.

Life changer

Whether you struggle to meet the women you desire these guys have transformed my life into a better man. Love the podcast!

Absolutely awesome!

Shortly after listening to the show, I took the boot camp, then moved to a new city, made a new life filled with amazing people (all 9s, cooperatives), fell in love with the best girlfriend I could ever imagine, and changed my life forever. To say I love this podcast is an understatement. Jordan, AJ, and Johnny, and Fern, and everyone else who works at the AOC: you all rock!

Nice job!

Most of the info on this podcast is good stuff. Got to know when to dismiss the junk but otherwise nice job.

This app is AMAZING

It tell me everything I need to be charming as it says in the title, because of this app I was able to get a promotion at my job!

Very Useful

Good stuff... It has helped me. I especially dig the WINGMAN facet ('shake-to-shuffle' is pretty basic tech, but still cool addition to the app). For anyone. Male or Female. Cheers.

🔥Love This Show!!❤️

Sometimes while I listen to the show I'm grateful for Jordan's excellent probing skills. He has a way of putting himself into his audience's perspective and really emphasizing key points. I love that they take the time to edit show notes for us; I take advantage, Thanks team! I also appreciate the content staying current to the times, (i.e. latest research, books, studies etc.) They also have availability for their listeners, any questions can be asked thru a number of outlets, the response may not be immediate, but always thorough and to the point! Come on they even incorporated "Fan Mail" into their regular programming! These guys produce a good show! Check it out! #AOC

Please fix - crashes and doesn't play content every time

Looks like very cheap poorly made interface

Why doesn't every guy listen to this?

This is an excellent pod cast for people who like to always look for ways to improve. Small steps or big steps. They're both available. However, a little improvement everyday gradually becomes big improvements over time. It's a pod cast that focuses on how you can improve yourself without alienating or blaming others. Jordan Harbinger, et al may have started out with a certain agenda, but the maturity of AOC has developed into a mature and fun resource. It can educate, amuse, and even offend, but it is done in a way that is logical, thoughtful, real, and positive. It was originally developed for guys, but women would benefit from this pod cast, as well. I wish this was around when I was in my teens and twenties!

Great interviews- great content!

This is a great podcast! If you haven't heard it, you must give it a try. The show is very well done, professional and meaningful from start to finish. The well-researched questions and quality guests leaves me inspired and working harder to improve some aspect of my life and relationships. I am definitely not the typical demographic of this podcast, and yet each episode teaches me something new. I'm a 47-year-old stay at home mom (I do a lot of volunteer work) happily married, and have two teenage sons. The research and thoughtful questions make every topic so interesting and relevant to me. Anyway, I wanted to reach out to the AOC team, the content and hard work that they provide is really outstanding. Thank you!

If you preach it we will come

Keep up the good work. Great content to become a better version of yourself.

Great content - frustrating to restart

I'm loving the content so far. Frustrating that it does not pick up where I left off - I have to find the episode again and guess where I left off since it will just restart from the beginning. I listen in 15 minute increments during my commute, so this can be maddening compared to my normal podcast app for my other podcasts.

Life gets much more fun when we improve our people skills

Improving our skills and getting better never stops. There is no skill more powerful than skill with people. It doesn't matter whether you are married, single, or how you make money. These podcasts improve all of that. Now, life just gets more and more fun.


A must listen on my commute in and out of Manhattan during the work week. Very insightful guests and host.

F**king Amazing

Love this app! When my school blocked this podcast on iTunes I got this and was able to listen to my favorite podcast. However I give 4 stars because you have to download podcasts to listen, that takes a lot of space on my phone.

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